Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Festive Indian Nail Art

So I missed blogging as I was taking a trip to Paris 😁 
So I'll try and start posting a bit regularly again. Meanwhile here's a mani I had done around Diwali (indian festival of lights) and It really went well with the festive atmosphere.

Base: Picture Polish Lakodom
Stamping Plate: Moyou Flower Power 10
Stamping Polish: MDU Turquoise
Blue dots: Barry M Damson

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A-Maze Nail Art

MilvArt decals are awesomely good if you wanna do a quick mani without much fuss. 
And their designs are really pretty!

Base: Chambor White Gel effect 510
Milv Art water decal N604 (not available right now; link)
topped with hkgirl

I've earlier done a review of milv decals here (link). But there were a few things I missed out while reviewing these. The label on these says to use with white/black base only. There are many designs on the site with similar instruction when you move your mouse over it or try to select it. I didnt notice these at first but when I actually used one it made sense. So the idea behind these is that there are a few negative spaces in this design which will best show up with a white base. Most of the designs with this label are usually very colourful and have most of the bright/light colours. so if you think that maybe you can use a light shade or some contrasting shade please give it a good look and choose a shade that will nicely make the design pop out else stick to white/black as instructed. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to make out which is really the negative space in the design so I am literally quite happy to follow the instructions and use a white base.

Here's a pic of the decal without the paper back. It might have showed over a light blue or pastel yellow or pink too but the shades on the design will change according to your base and the effect may not be as catchy as with a white base. so read carefully and paint your base accordingly.