Thursday, 17 August 2017

BPS Holographic Star Sequins UV Gel Polish : Swatch and review

On the blog today I've swatched a very pretty looking blingy gel polish from the house of BPS. Its called BORN PRETTY Holographic Star Moon Sequins Gel Bling Soak Off Manicure Nail Art UV Gel Polish (link ; item no: 40427; shade 1)

As you can see it is a red jelly base filled with holo chunky, medium and small hex glitter with an occasional star. It looks even better even and juicy in person with a holo sparkle in direct light. On my nails is 2 coats of gel with layer of top coat. I had cured my nails after each layer.
The polish is slightly thick as all gel polishes are. I found this easy to apply. The first coat goes smooth although I didnt get even glitter placement and I didnt want to make it thick since it is gel polish. So instead I made a thin coat and cured it. Next I put another thin layer and then dabbed some glitter and evenly distributed it with a light floating hand movement. the polish goes quite opaque in 2 coats. 
As you can see the finish is really smooth and shiny. I thought maybe the glitter would poke up and out but they didnt. The polish settles well and goes streakfree. Overall the polish feel and quality is really nice. (I will update here for how long lasts on my nails without chipping once I test it).

This polish retails for $3.99 for a 10ml bottle (link to the product). The bottle comes in a white coloured bottle. This polish comes in 10 shades and some of them have a moon glitter instead of the star. Scroll down for more closeups and pics in different lighting.

In sunlight

Indoor light

Swatch on a stick in Indoor light

PS. Polish was sent for an honest review

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Swatch and Review: BPS Chameleon Magnetic UV Gel Polish

Today I have a new BPS product on the blog. 
I've loved magnetics since they got revamped post 2012. They are so much stronger in effect with all the works like duo-chrome and holo etc. So I wanted to review this polish from one of the most affordable websites of nail art things.

Base: BPS Chameleon Magnetic UV Gel (link; shade 21; item #40294)
Top coat: BPS no wipe gel top coat

The site specifically says to use a black base underneath it but I wanted to try how it looks without the black base. So as normal I used 2 coats of this polish, applied magnetic and cured it in UV light after each coat. The effect is a nice duo chrome turquoise to dark blue/purple shade. The magnetic particles give it a distinctive olive-gold line that diffuses softly across the nails. The polish comes in a 10ml white coated bottle with slightly thick consistency as UV polishes are. It applies smoothly on nails without any streaks and spreads evenly. I used my own cat's eye magnet (it is not included in package) after each coat and cured it. So after 2-3 coats the magnetic effect became very prominent. On my ring finger I have applied 3 coats to just test the density of the colour but it was almost quite opaque in 2 coats itself and doesnt change much when using 3 coats. It lasts long as it is gel polish but clearly I don't have the patience and need to change my polish every 2-3 days. 
(I will update here with a pic of this polish with a black base soon
Update: Below is a pic of the polish with a black base and UV topcoat. The black base really brings out the shine and shimmer in the polish and clearly shows the duo chrome effect better)

This polish retails for $3.99 for 10ml and is available in 12 shades. (link)

Here's a macro look at the polish: love this pic!!